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The Committee for Gippsland hosts a range of events and activities throughout the year engaging with members and key Gippsland stakeholders.

These events include:

Our members are regularly invited to a range of events covering topical issues impacting Gippsland providing members with the opportunity to network, gain industry insight and contribute to the discussion with other business and industry leaders from across Gippsland. In 2016 the Committee for Gippsland hosted over 30 events and functions.

Round Table Discussions

Members are invited to join with government ministers and industry leaders in discussing relevant portfolio issues impacting Gippsland and provide a direct line of feedback to Government on issues across Gippsland industry in order to promote growth and development.

Captains of Industry Series

Influential industry leaders are invited to Gippsland to present to Committee for Gippsland members as part of our Captains of Industry lunches providing valuable industry insight

Member Briefings

Member briefing provide Committee for Gippsland members with an update on key policy areas impacting Gippsland and project opportunities for Gippsland. A number of Member Briefings are held across the year and throughout Gippsland with international, national and local expert speakers and politicians.