About Committee for Gippsland


After three years of Gippsland-wide consultation and groundwork, the Committee for Gippsland commenced in March 2011 and was officially launched in April 2011 by the then Victorian Deputy Premier, Hon Peter Ryan.

Established by passionate leaders with a shared vision to see Gippsland succeed and prosper, the Committee for Gippsland was established as a leading advocate for the businesses and communities of Gippsland.

The Committee for Gippsland is focused on making a positive contribution to Gippsland’s future.

Who are we?

Today, the Committee for Gippsland membership has grown to over 90 members representing all geographic regions of Gippsland and industry sectors that operate at a local, state, national and international level.

Our membership includes small to medium businesses, sole trader businesses through to large ASX listed companies, community organisations and education providers in the region, ensuring a united voice for Gippsland.

We aim to facilitate discussion among our member organisations and develop strong lines of communication with government, as well as fostering solid commercial and industry connections.

The Committee for Gippsland has developed productive working relationships with key stakeholders in the region, working collaboratively with local, state and federal government, as well as community and statutory organisations to help maximise opportunities for economic and social development in Gippsland.

  • We are a member-driven organisation that represents a large number of Gippsland industries, business and community organisations.
  • We play a key role in helping shape and advocate for Gippsland’s future growth and development.
  • We are an independent organisation known for delivering for Gippsland.
  • We enable our members to engage and participate with industry, government leaders and key decision makers.
  • We actively seek member input and feedback ensuring a fact-based advocacy platform.
  • We generate considered discussion about issues pertinent to Gippsland.
  • We have a clear vision for Gippsland and are dedicated to achieving it.
  • We work collaboratively with an influential group of members and stakeholders.

We advocate across a range of portfolios taking a long-term, apolitical approach.

  • Freight and Infrastructure
  • Education and Training
  • Industry
  • Agriculture and Resources
  • Health
  • Community
  • Connectivity
  • Tourism